• Lyne Castonguay

The Work Side: Walmart - Transforming Retail & Health?

This location was not a store that I visited often but I was in the area and stopped by for a few things.... Being in retail and CPG for so long, I knew the large construction meant something.... For a few months, I curiously and anxiously watched this transformation happen at Walmart in Dallas, Georgia.

It started with the addition of new seasonal area, home products and various home line licensing partnerships. I thought: "If they have the patience with home products having less turns than food, they can really make a dent in this area....". The products were nice, the value was awesome.

Then a few weeks later, I came back to check it out again.... Fed Ex was now opened at the front of the store and the online orange tower was very present. The young lady serving the tower was friendly, personable and explained the process clearly. I asked what was going on with the Pharmacy and she said: "A few more weeks"....

So of course I returned after a few more weeks.... new pharmacy and new vision center. Increased product assortment, improved layout, same low prices! But there was still a section that was closed off.....

So yes, I came back again. This time on the day of the grand opening of WALMART HEALTH! I was not expecting this at all.... A health center fueled by Walmart, complete with doctor, labs, audiologist, optometrist, dentist, etc.

What do you think? Can Walmart play in this space? Will this impact the likes of CVS or Walgreens?

Here are some pictures of this store, would love to hear your thoughts.


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